Yifan Bio-tech Group to Expand Clethodim Capacity

Yifan Bio-tech Group announced an investment on newbuild of a clethodim production plant and intermediate synthesis workshop, which are expected to be brought to production in the first half of 2020. The new plant is located within the New Material Park of the national-level Ningdong Energy Chemical Base. The plant is designed with an annual capacity of 3,000 tons, up to the latest national environmental compliance requirement and safety standard, together with an intermediate synthesis workshop which supports stale productions all year round.

Yifan Bio-tech Group began synthesis of clethodim in 2006, being one of the earliest clethodim manufacturers in China. So far the Group owns two clethodim production plants, which are respectively Jiangsu Yunfan Chemical and Yifan Bio-tech Group Synthesis Company, with annual capacity of 3,000 tons altogether. Upon completion of the new plant, the total capacity of the Group will reach 6,000 tons per year, which will enable stable supplies at competitive price to its customers at home and abroad.

Founded in 1992, Yifan Bio-tech Group is a pesticide manufacturer specializing in research and production of pesticide technical and formulation products. It is a designated pesticide manufacturer approved by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a key pesticide manufacturer of Zhejiang Province and a national high-tech enterprise. The Group currently owns three pesticide production plants and 2 pesticide sales companies, being committed to production, innovation and comprehensive service so as to help global clients to increase crop protection businesses. The international market of the Group includes Europe, North America, Latin America and Australia, covering products such has clethodim, flumioxazin, oxyfluorfen, metalaxyl, metalaxyl-M, difenoconazole and clodinafop-propargyl.(Agropages)

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